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  • Sea Rim State Park: A woman surrounded by tall beach grass stands in silhouette against an orange sunrise. The sky fades to deep blue.

    Sunrise at Sea Rim State Park. January 2018.  

When I was a kid, my family would go out hiking and camping. I had to be bribed from the car to the tent with a book; once in the tent, I only left it under protest.

How I got from there to here, I’m not really sure.

But here I am.

I’m discovering (rediscovering?) the lessons my parents tried to teach me as a child: the joy of being in nature, the thrill of discovering new locations, the importance of not stepping on snakes.

If you’re looking for dramatic adventures in far-flung locations, you won’t find them here.

I’m a weekend warrior. Most of my trips are to destinations around Texas. My hikes are short, usually less than 8 miles. But I carry a backpack with a Camelbak, so you know I’m serious.

These are my adventures.

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