Destination :: Anahuac NWR

  • Anahuac NWR: A large flock of snow geese rests in the marsh in the early evening.

    Snow Geese. January 2018. Image 1/8

  • Anahuac NWR: The head and most of the body of a cormorant are visible against blue water.

    Cormorant. March 2018. Image 2/8

  • Anahuac NWR - A red-winged blackbird stands on a fence post with wings outstretched.

    Red-winged Blackbird. March 2018. Image 3/8

  • Anahuac NWR: A hawk and a turkey vulture perch on an overgrown boardwalk railing.

    Hawk and Turkey Vulture. January 2018. Image 4/8

  • Anahuac NWR: A nutria (rat-like rodent) grazes on clover.

    Nutria. January 2018. Image 5/8

  • Anahuac NWR: A view of the sun setting in the ocean.

    Sunset. January 2018. Image 6/8

  • Anahuac NWR: A cow faces the camera, backlit by the late-evening sun.

    Cow. March 2018. Image 7/8

  • Anahuac NWR: Roseate Spoonbills and other birds populate a semi-open marsh.

    Roseate Spoonbills. March 2018. Image 8/8

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge protects coastal marsh and prairies along Galveston Bay, preserving an environment critical for native species and migrating birds.1

An auto tour loop takes visitors around Shoveler Pond, where a variety of birds and marshland inhabitants can often be seen. There are a few boardwalks and walking trails. Fishing and crabbing are popular activities.

Brief History

The wildlife refuge is established.


4017 FM 563
Anahuac, Texas, 77514
United States



Let’s Do It Again Real Soon

Walking/hiking opportunities are limited, but I’ve never been disappointed by the number of birds I’ve seen while driving through the refuge. I have been disappointed by the alligators; while the area is billed as the alligator capital of Texas, I have yet to see more than one or two on a visit.

Visits: 2 Most recent: March 2018

Quick Statistics

37,000 acres
3.5 miles
Auto Loop
2.5 miles


  1. Unless otherwise noted, information about the park and park history is from "About the Refuge," U.S. FWS.


  • "About the Refuge." Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. December 19, 2017. Accessed April 15, 2018. Link.