Destination :: Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center

  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center: Taken near ground level, a cactus is in the foreground and mountains in the distance.

    View of cactus & surrounding mountains. May 2018. Image 1/7

  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center: A bee climbs around in a yellow cactus flower.

    A bee in a yellow cactus flower. May 2018. Image 2/7

  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center: The top of a bulbous cactus with red spines is visible.

    Cactus. May 2018. Image 3/7

  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Preserve: Portions of three bulbous cacti with yellow spines are visible.

    Cacti. May 2018. Image 4/7

  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Preserve: A close up of a green cactus with many small leaves/stems making a flower-like pattern.

    Cactus. May 2018. Image 5/7

  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center: Small purple flowers are visible on thin cactus stems.

    Flowering Cactus. May 2018. Image 6/7

  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center: A single mountain rises out of the desert plain.

    Mountain View. May 2018. Image 7/7

The Chihuahuan Nature Center was established in 1973 to support research into Chihuahuan Desert natural resources.1

The Center includes a gift shop, trails, botanical gardens, a mining exhibit, and a bird blind.

Brief History

December 1973
The Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute, a non-profit organization, is established.


43869 Sh 118
Fort Davis, Texas, 79734
United States



Once or Twice is Enough

I only walked through the cactus garden due to the heat, but it was worth the visit; nice little trail with plenty to see and great views.

Visits: 1 Visited: May 2018

Quick Statistics

507 acres
5+ miles


  1. Unless otherwise indicated, information about the park and park history is from "About Us," Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute.


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