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  • Crescent City: Rocks in the ocean extend from the lower right to upper left; fog-covered hills are visible in the far upper left.

    Rocks Offshore of Point St. George. July 2014. Image 1/2

  • Crescent City: A seagull stands on the edge of a grassy cliff at the bottom left; the ocean takes up the majority of the picture, with two large rocks in the upper right.

    Sea Gull on the California Coast. July 2014. Image 2/2

Crescent City, California, is known for its crescent-shaped beach and lighthouse. Its proximity to several national parks protecting the giant redwoods makes it a popular tourist destination.

Brief History

Early 1800s
European explorers reach the area of current-day Crescent City, which is home to the Yurok and Tolowa tribes.1
European settlers arrive in the region.
Crescent City is incorporated.
Congress authorizes building a lighthouse on an island off the coast of Crescent City.
March 27, 1964
Much of the town is devastated by a tsunami triggered by Alaska's Good Friday earthquake.
March 11, 2011
The harbor is damaged by a tsunami triggered by Japan's Tōhoku earthquake.


California, 95531
United States



Once or Twice is Enough

We did not spend much time in the city, but the drive along the beach is pleasant and the city is a great jumping-off point for exploring the Redwoods.

Visits: 1 Visited: July 2014

Quick Statistics

7,643 (2010 Census)
2.42 square miles


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