Destination :: Davis Mountains Preserve

  • Davis Mountains Preserve: Mountains are visible across a scrub plain.

    View from the trail. May 2018. Image 1/2

  • Davis Mountains Preserve: A singletrack dirt trail goes up a small hill, with mountains in the distance.

    View along the trail. May 2018. Image 2/2

Managed by the Nature Conservancy, the Davis Mountain Preserve protects over 100,000 acres in the Davis Mountains. While the majority of the preserve is only open to the public on select days, the 2.4 mile Madera Canyon Trail is open year round.


Madera Canyon Road
Fort Davis, Texas, 79734
United States



Once or Twice is Enough

The Madera Canyon Trail is nicely maintained but just enough off the radar that it is very lightly trafficked (based on what I saw in the visitor log). Since it goes through woodlands, it’s also more shaded than some of the other trails in the area—a nice bonus in summer.

Visits: 1 Visited: May 2018

Quick Statistics

Initial Size
33,075 acres1
Current Size
102,675 acres


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