Destination :: Davis Mountains Scenic Loop

  • Davis Mountains Scenic Road: The road stretches straight out from the point of view, with mountains flanking both sides

    A portion of the scenic road. May 2018. Image 1/6

  • Davis Mountains Scenic Loop: A rock formation on top of a brush-covered hill is partially lit by the sun, with dark clouds behind.

    The sun peeks through as rain clouds start breaking up. May 2018. Image 2/6

  • Davis Mountains Scenic Loop: Brush-covered grasslands are lit in patches of sunlight as storm clouds move out.

    Sunlight dots the grasslands as storms move out. May 2018. Image 3/6

  • Davis Mountains Scenic Loop: A rainbow stretches from the grasslands up to the clouds, with mountains in the background.

    A rainbow is visible over the grasslands. May 2018. Image 4/6

  • Davis Mountains Scenic Loop: Petroglyphs, including one of a horse, are visible on the side of a mountain

    Petroglyphs. May 2018. Image 5/6

  • Davis Mountains Scenic Loop: An orange sun in a red sky hovers over black silhouetted mountains

    Sunset. May 2018. Image 6/6

The 75 mile scenic loop through the Davis Mountains takes visitors through 2,000 feet of elevation change and diverse scenery from grasslands to Ponderosa forests to mountains.


Davis Mountains, Texas
United States


Once or Twice is Enough

Definitely worth the drive if you are in the area. The views are stunning no matter what time of day, but if you time your drive for sunrise or sunset, you can also enjoy the changing light.

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