Destination :: Flattop Mountain

  • Flattop Mountain: A flat-topped mountain rises above a smaller hill; patches of snow are still visible in mid Summer.

    View of Flattop and Blueberry Hill. June 2018. Image 1/5

  • Flattop Mountain: Mountains are visible in the background; a snow-covered hill sits to the right.

    A view of the Chugach Mountains from the side of Blueberry Hill. June 2018. Image 2/5

  • Flattop Mountain: A black bear walks across a flat portion of the mountain, just off the dirt trail.

    Black bear crossing the trail. June 2018. Image 3/5

  • FLattop Mountain: A Dall Sheep stands just behind a rock outcropping on Blueberry Hill.

    A Dall Sheep on Blueberry Hill. June 2018. Image 4/5

  • Flattop Mountain: Golden sunset light surrounds a distant mountain under heavy cloud cover.

    Sleeping Lady at Sunset, from Blueberry Hill. June 2018. Image 5/5

Flattop Mountain, located in Chugach State Park, is the most-climbed mountain in Alaska. Its close proximity to Anchorage and trail system with options suitable to hikers of a various skill levels make it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.


Glen Alps Trailhead
Chugach State Park, Alaska
United States



Once or Twice is Enough

Flattop’s popularity means the trails are often crowded, so expect to pass (or be passed) frequently on your hike. If you accept its popularity for what it is, the sweeping views make the hike a great evening excursion. Parts of the trail are steep and have resulted in injuries and deaths, so if you feel fitness may be an issue, opt for looping Blueberry Hill and forego ascending Flattop itself.

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Quick Statistics

3.4 miles round trip1
Elevation Gain
1,300 feet


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