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  • Galveston: A blue Portuguese Man-of-War sits on beach sand.

    Portuguese Man-of-War. February 2018. Image 1/10

  • Galveston: A seagull walks along a beach.

    Seagull. February 2018. Image 2/10

  • Galveston: A puffer fish in the aquarium at Moody Gardens.

    Puffer fish at Moody Gardens. January 2018. Image 3/10

  • Galveston: A black and white photo of a lizard on a tree branch at Moody Gardens.

    Lizard at Moody Gardens. January 2018. Image 4/10

  • Galveston: A blackbird perches on a porch railing.

    Blackbird. January 2018. Image 5/10

  • Galveston: A speckled pigeon stands on a concrete beam in Moody Gardens.

    Speckled Pigeon in Moody Gardens. January 2018. Image 6/10

  • Galveston: The head and top half of the body of two blue and yellow macaws is visible against a leafy green background.

    Blue and Yellow Macaws at Moody Gardens. January 2018. Image 7/10

  • Galveston: A blue macaw preens its feathers in Moody Gardens.

    Blue Macaw in Moody Gardens. January 2018. Image 8/10

  • Galveston: Black and white photo of a porcupine perching on a tree branch at Moody Gardens.

    Porcupine at Moody Gardens. January 2018. Image 9/10

  • Galveston: A beach in early morning light, when the sky, ocean, and damp sand are all varying shades of blue.

    A Galveston Beach. January 2018. Image 10/10

Known in the 1800s as the “Queen City of the Gulf,” Galveston has a long history as a major port and tourist destination. It remains a vibrant coastal community today, mixing the modern tourists attractions like water parks and theme parks with extensive historical conservation efforts, including renowned 19th century buildings.

Galveston has a rich, complex, and at times fraught history that I do not feel I can do justice to in a brief timeline. For more information, I recommend the following sites:



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Once or Twice is Enough

I avoided visiting Galveston for almost ten years, thinking it was little more than a kitschy tourist trap. And while it certainly is that in places, like most destinations, it is what you make of it. Since all my visits have been in the off season, I’ve been able to enjoy the beaches in relative solitude and have had a great time touring some of the historic buildings.

Visits: 2 Most recent: February 2018

Quick Statistics

209.3 square miles1
50,180 (2015)


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